At NoVa Xtreme, we are dedicated to providing high caliber coaching and instruction on each of our teams in order to instill Skills, Technique, Knowledge into each player to become the best athlete they can be.


Recreational Team

Our Recreational Team is where players will learn the fundamental skills of the sport. There will be opportunities for scrimmages against other regional teams and league play.

Academy Team

Our Academy Team is an intermediate program where players will be able to review and focus on the fundamentals of the sport, and build off of those skills to learn more techniques. This team will have the opportunity to play in league competitions and tournaments.


Elite Club Team

Our Elite Club Team is a high-level competition team where players have the opportunity to participate in tournament travel, along with league competitions and local scrimmages.

Seasonal Clinics

Xtreme holds seasonal clinics focused on different aspects of the sport including skills, conditioning, and scrimmage. The goal of these clinics are to improve overall skills for all age groups and levels of experience.

Summer Camps

Our Camps during the summer months are hosted in collaboration with colleges/universities and their coaches and players. These camps are also hosted with collaboration among other organizations and programs to bring high levels of instruction and improve overall skills for all age groups and levels of experience.

Indoor Field Hockey League

Xtreme offers indoor field hockey during the winter months where the team has the opportunity to play against other leagues and in tournaments.

Junior Prep Club

Junior Prep Club is specifically for K-8 age group, bringing high levels of tailored instruction for athletes at a higher level but with a focus on instruction and development and getting them ready to compete in future competitions.

High School Prep Club

High School Prep Club is similar to Junior Prep but takes the club a step further to bring high levels of tailored instruction to prepare players for High School Tryouts Season and/or get players ready for future competitions.

Private Coaching

Our private coaching offers one-on-one or small group coaching in a setting focused on teaching technical skills along with speed, agility, strength and conditioning.

NoVa Xtreme Tournaments - SpringFest, SummerFest, FallFest, WinterFest

NoVa Xtreme hosts seasonal tournaments and invites players to sign up with their teammates or friends or to sign up as an individual and be placed on a team. These tournaments are a great way for the athlete to participate in year-round competition with friends who go to different schools and play on the same team. We also provide this option in order to allow players to meet other athletes and make new friends who share their passion for field hockey.

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