DETAILS:  Play field hockey on a competitive and fun level.  Register as an individual or get together with your high school team, your club team, or any group of friends.   If you register as an individual you will be placed on a team and be assigned a coach, if you register as a group please have an adult designated as your coach.

If you are unable to find a coach please ask us and we will match you with one. 

Teams will be limited to 16 players.

When registering a group with no particular school or club please establish your own “team” name that all players use when registering.

When registering as an individual enter the name of your school and all players registered with the same school will be placed together.

Registration will close on October 25.

We will accept a maximum of 18 teams.


  • PLAYERS: High School, grades 9-12                                                                                          Middle School, grades 7-8
  • Register as a team or as an individual
  • WHERE: George Mason High School
  • Guaranteed to play seven 50 minute games, 8 v 8
  • WHEN: Saturday November 7, 14, and 21                                                                      game times between 5-8 pm
  • Sunday November 15 and 22, December 6 and 13                                                    game times between 2-5 pm
  • COST:$150 per player



      Fall Fest Game Rules


  1. Each game will consist of 7 field players and 1 goalie.  If a team does not have a goalie 2 cones will be placed in the goal one yard from the post.
  2. Games are 2 23 minute halves with a 4 minute half time.
  3. Each team will play 7 games.  The first 6 games teams will receive 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss.  After game 6 the 2 teams with the most points will compete in the 7th game for the Fall Fest Championship.  The rest of the teams will play in a consolation game. 
  4. The field is divided into 3 fields,  Field 1 is closest to the parking lot.
  5. As the field is split in 3, there are no circles.  There is a natural line on the field which makes a square (sideline to sideline). Please show this to your team on the first day.
  6. For the hit near the circle, the free hit is where the foul occurs.  The ball must still travel 5 yds before it goes into the circle.
  7. On corners, all offensive players go to the top of the opposite circle.
  8. On corners, 3 players plus the goalie (or 2 cones) for the defense.
  9. Mouth guards and shin guards must be worn to play.
  10. Goggles are not required.
  11. Always be respectful, appreciative, and show your best sportsmanship.
  12. Do not challenge officials and always thank them.  Without officials we would not be able to play.


Fall Fest COVID Procedures


  1. Mask will be worn at all times by players, coaches, and spectators.  
  2. Masks are optional for the athletes and referees during the game.
  3. Players must complete a health check using the TeamSnap App before every game.
  4. Prior to each game every player will check in at the designated table on the field.  They will show their completed health check at this time.
  5. Each team will be assigned an area, players will stay in this area until it is time to warm up and play.
  6. Players may arrive and check in 30 minutes before game time, not earlier.
  7. Parents please stay in cars until 5 minutes before game time.  This will allow for the previous games spectators to leave before new spectators arrive.
  8. All spectators please use the stadium seating on either side of the field and observe proper social distancing while watching the games.
  9. Spectators will not be allowed on the track.



  • Limit training groups to 15 or less
  • Limit coaches to 3 or less
  • Limit attendance to those that can confirm no symptoms of COVID-19 for the past 14 days.
  • Minimize changes in small group participants - assign groups and keep them the same
  • Don’t allow parents and spectators to stay at the facility, only drop off and pick up
  • Coaches handle all shared equipment - balls, cones,etc
  • Athletes use own water bottle, towels, and personal hygiene products
  • No high fives or handshakes
  • Focus on drills that allow for social distancing to be maintained